Gamer, Photographer,  freemason

Thank you for stopping My Name is Raven. I am a Gamer, Photographer, Freemason.

Warning Mature Content. I curse, I vent and say just whats on my fucking mind. and if any of this offends you I suggest You find a Website who is Less Crazy.

If your ok with my type of Crazy then welcome.

I dont do this Because,I have to or Its my job I do it Because I can.

I am Selective about who I do photo shoots for because Photography is not my Job. Its my Passion. I am a Outspoken person and Most take that is Me being a Dick. but when you get to be my age and continue to see all the toxic Crap people are full of,  your GIVE-A-Fuck tends to break.

Within these Pages you will find a little bit of everything from my Photography,

to my Gaming and a bit of WTF. WARNING:This MAY contain my Crazy:

Welcome to Raven's Nest