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My Name is Eddie "Raven" Rivera and Photography and Paintball are my Passion. my nick name is Raven. I am a Photographer, Freemason, Member of the Knights of St Andrew Indiana Chapter, Webmaster, a Paintballer, and Member of one of the Worlds largest Paintball Teams, and am also Chapter president for  SAS WoodsballSAS Illinois Chapter.My style is  photo journalist .My interest in Photography has aways been there. as long as I can Remember. but it grew into a Hobby when I became a Reff at a Paintball Field and I would get to follow the Players around with My boss's Camera (about 13 Years ago). I soon Baught my own Camera and started shooting for myself. With the Interest in Photography growing so did the wanting to learn More. from the in and outs of a camera to Editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Photography Became a Passion, That  passion became my Art. and with it was Born Raven's Aerie. which was actually named by my Mother-in-law who suggested Aerie because Ravens Nest was Taken.

 While I am the Main Photographer we are a Husband and wife/Family Team. My wife and child are very active in this endevor of mine. from helping me on shoots and assisting or depending on the event Picking up a Camera and Taking there own Photo's, and my wife is of cousre the second Photographer for wedding's and Events. I am also the Photo Editor using editing software such as  Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Bridge. I will cover anything that needs to be Covered. from a wedding to a sporting event.

Please take a Look around the Galleries Page and ask any  Questions you might have by either direct Call (815)579-1298 Or email to EddieRavenRivera@gmail.com

"Photography is Practiced by Many but only Mastered by Few"

-In Loving  Memory Of Mary Breen-

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