Lens Filters - Raven's Aerie

Lens FILTERS - One of the biggest problems facing landscape photographers in the field is the contrast between bright sky and darker foreground. The difference in brightness can be high, and if it extends beyond the sensor’s dynamic range the resulting image will be poorly exposed: if you expose for the landscape, the sky will be overexposed; expose correctly for the sky and the foreground will appear too dark. Of course, you could resolve this by altering your viewpoint so you are shooting toward a less bright part of the sky, but changing your composition is hardly a satisfactory option. Instead, you need to be able to manage the contrast. and this can be done with Filters

POLARIZING FILTERS  A polarizing fi lter is designed to reduce glare and reflections

and restore natural colour saturation. It is best known for the effect it can have on clear, blue skies and foliage and is undoubtedly one of the most useful fi lter types. Its effect is also impossible to mimic during processing.

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