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A chenoa Memorial Day weekend

Chenoa Illinois.. a small City/town in central Illinois where I now call Home, and my tru first experience of small town living. coming from Indianapolis and Chicago it was almost Shell Sock  but not Really. Now I dont think Ill go back to living in a big City.

Here In chenoa they have a Tradition every year. where they get together to Decorate the Hero's Monument in the local cemetery,  Place Flags one for each fallen Soilder, and come together to honor and Celebrate Our Hero's. Recently I had the pleasure and honor to hang out with the Veterans of Chenoa Illinois. While they set up and prepared to Honor their Fallen Brothers in arms on Memorial weekend (2018). Normally at events Like this I usually keep my distance and do my best not to disturb the event or particapents. Instead I took a different approach and took every Oppertuniy I had to speak not only with the Vets but the Community but to listen to what they had to say.. and while we all as a community dont aways see eye to eye as they say. its aways a wonderful experience to witness or even be a part of events like this.  as a way for me to Thank our vets and Communiy. I made all Photos to chenoa available for free. 

The experience was amazing. I got the chance to talk to some of these gentlemen and better yet I got a chance to Listen as they talked about thier war stories and the Not so War stories with their Brothers in arms. I got to meet alot of our members of the community. and it still amazes me the difference between a Big city like chicago and a small town like chenoa where every body pretty much knows everbody.  Friday evening was all about set up and preparing which in itself was a Great Turn out. the community came together to Help prepare and set up

It was Great to see even the children doing their part. no complaining. they were happy to be there and Help. which to me is something I dont see everyday, and refreshing to see some kids are Taught what it Really means To be a Hero.

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