About us

Photography by Raven

Photography for all Occasions located in Chenoa Illinois a Small town in Central Illinois right of Historic rt 66 . My Name is Eddie "Raven" Rivera and Photography and Paintball are my Passion. my nick name is Raven. I am a Photographer, Freemason, Member of the Knights of St Andrew Indiana Chapter, Webmaster, a Paintballer, My style is photo journalist .My interest in Photography has aways been there. as long as I can Remember.

it grew into a Hobby when I became a Reff at a Paintball Field and I would get to follow the Players around with My boss's Camera (about 16 Years ago). I soon Baught my own Camera and started shooting for myself. With the Interest in Photography growing so did the wanting to learn More. from the in and outs of a camera to Editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Photography Became a Passion, That passion became my Art. and with it was Born Raven's Aerie. which was actually named by my Mother-in-law who suggested Aerie because Ravens Nest was Taken.

While I am the Main Photographer we are a Husband and wife/Family Team. My wife and child are very active in this endevor of mine. from helping me on shoots and assisting or depending on the event Picking up a Camera and Taking there own Photo's, and my wife is of cousre the second Photographer for wedding's and Events. I am also the Photo Editor using editing software such as  Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Bridge. I will cover anything that needs to be Covered. from a wedding to a sporting event.

This website is dedicated to my Mother-in-law Mary Breen. R.I.P. who helped us with the name and was my Biggest fan when we first started out. Raven's Aerie was born..(an Aerie is a Nest. usually high up on a peak or mountain)