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Meet the TEAM

Welcome and thank you for stopping by Our meet the team Page. We are a Family Owned and operated Central Illinois Photography. we can handle all types of shoots from portraits, Family, paintball, Sporting events and yes even wedding's . with over 17+ Years in experience. and Fast Turn around. we can deliver your photos within weeks not Months. because we are a Small Family Business our Spots are Limited and fill Fast.

Eddie Raven Rivera

Main Photographer and photo editor, Paintballer, Freemason Webmaster. Photographer and paintballer for over 17 years. Raven is also the Founder of Ravens Aerie. webmaster

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Breanna Bebe Rivera

Photographers Helper and Model, Our Daughter who is also a very important part of our team. Has help us with being our model when Trying new Equipment to occasionally picking up the camera or video when a Spair hands is Neededl

Jennifer Gweani Rivera

Gweani is a Account Manager and 2nd photographer. she is the Front office, accountant, customer service and anything else in between. co-Owner -Raven's Aerie

In Memory of

In Memory of Mary Breen. who was our Biggest Fan and Gweani's mother R.I.P mom - she was the one who actually named our Website and our Biggest fan