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I did it Again

Updated: Mar 29

so In light of the new features Wix is Offering they are now In my opinion the best Platform for photography website.... for the last ten years or so, while i have maintained the same domain name.. the website provider/platform has changed about a Dozen times. always looking for the Perfect website Platform I was left hoping around from one website provider to the Next trying to find the Right Website with the Right Perks so i can better Serve My Clients.

I originally started of with wix and after about 2 years or so and Them lacking a very important option for us photographers. It was the ability to sell your pics directly from your galleries.. while i know I have not tryed them all... i have tryed the top 10 or so and now I find myself full circle ending uo where I started... I could not be more happy with the updates wix has Done....

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