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I Reserve the Right to:

Updated: Mar 28

I would like to make a couple things Clear:

If you want my services and

you dont Make a appointment thru our website like we ask and is required to secure a Day, but you dont. let me be as clear as I can with this.

You can Not come crying to me when someone else takes that spot saying I owe you..or you didnt understand. Because and this is where it gets tricky in case you get confused you had first Chance but you waited or thought I was a good guesser.

this is also as important... photography is My Passion My Life line NOT MY JOB I do this Because it is My Passion

and I reserve the right to refuse to work with people That think your shit dont stink

I will Not work with Pushy people or self Entitled. I Dont OWE anyone on this earth ANYTHING.

I am not seating by my phone waiting for you to call or book a appointment- Again This is Not my Job

This is My art

My Passion

I Do this Because it bring me Joy and takes me out of my dark place

Not because I have to pay my bills

and I refuse to ad Toxic people to my Passion. if I say No and continue to say No I DONT want to work with you.

if I worked with you once but then decided I cant and wont

I will not change my mind no matter how much Cash, chickens goats you have in hand ready to pay

If you need further explanation. Ill feed your Ego

I Suffer from bi polar and PTSD, i have Night terrors

dont sleep 85% of the time

My demons well not even my doctor can understand or explain

and to ad to this My give a Fuck is Broke. I am a 50 year old man with mental health issues with a foot on the banana peal and the other in the Grave. THIS IS My Passion keeps me Sane

it keeps me out of a Dark place

it keeps my demons quiet and Calm

If you are TOXIC

You Can possibly bring that darkness out and that is the last thing you me or anyone Wants. 20+ years doing this and I Refuse to let anyone Ruin My passion so YES I Reserve the Right to refuse Service to anyone who I believe is a Issue to my Mental Health.

Raven's Aerie: Photography By Raven




Raven Revan Rivera

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