No More Paintball/New logo

with being Affiliate Ive decided to Create a New Logo for Gaming and make the Website not just for Photography. While My Run as a Paintballer and a Paintball Photographer was sort of Fun and Interesting Ive learned a few important Lessons.

some remind me of the stupid Commercial for Insurance

Free free free free free free free free

What Most Paintballers "EXPECT" from a photographer when Most of the time all we ask was 4$ to 5$ a Pic. but No They want the shit for FREE.

this is what they want for free

We spend ALL day following these idiots around, taking Pictures, taking the hits, Bleeding from dumb ass shooting you in the FACE and then your told Oh your Fine walk it off get back out there

so After 12 hours of taking Pics getting hit bleeding all over the Plave not to mention the Gas to get there Food for the day, and now Comes the editing...... Any Real photographer, Any Good Photographer will take there time editing and If anything like Me at least 12 hours a day for a week editing these Stupid photos and what do we get.........

well we get about 25 Messages of so Called "friends" so Called :Team Mates" Hinting around or just straight out asking for that free photo.

This is How Most and by most I mean at least 85% of Players are.... FULL of SHIT and CANT be TRUSTED.. everyone Talks a Good Game but some how do not have the ability to Back it up. and Im not talking about Playing or talking about paintball.. Im talking about so Called TEAM Mates that when Given the chance would Rob You blind. The things I saw and witnessed as a photographer kind of surprised and then again it didnt.... I Witness Team mates who called each Other "Brother" or "brothers In Arms" These are actually meaningless. words that have no true value. Words that On paper Look good but in real Life, when it comes down to it Your ALONE.

:A generation of Pussies:

No one ok maybe not no one I have ran into a few or maybe a couple of down to earth people that to me didnt really fit in with the rest of the Low Lifes.

Im not bitter I just call it how i see it. "FACTS"

you see in the last 20+ years ive been a photographer, a team leader, a baby sitter,( to those Team members).. ive witness team mates call each other BROTHER while robbing each other Blind. behind each others back.

brother-Hood is a Fantasy (at least in paintball) the Phrase brothers in arms In The Paintballl World is a Fuckin Joke.

To be continued..............

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