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Trash Players dont Know they are Trash and its Funny.

Since when did your level in a Game Dictate if your Good or not.... Its Funny how the New generation of Kids are so Trash at Playing games they think that Being a High level on a Game Like COD means they are GOOD, and this cant be Further from the Truth. Take Notes You dumb Fucks.... What Makes you good at a Game is not your level, not even you Win Loose ratio. Why you might ask Because when Playing ANY Team Based game those stats are for your Team as a Team Not you... so next time you decide to TRASH talk someone LOOK at their Stats Maybe Compare to your and see who Really is Trash. Most likely the ones making the Loudest Noise in the room, Server, game are the Ones who are actually trash. Ive seen it for my self. every time I hear of some Snot nose Kid talking Trash to someone about how they play I turn to their Stats, and 9 out of ten time the Kid Is Trash. if you have a .069 or lower as a Kill Death ratio STOP telling People They are trash and Look at your Shit. if this Post Pisses you off.... YOU MUST BE TRASH... here is the Point... how about instead of worrying how others play SHUT THE FUCK UP and play the FUCKIN game. no one cares how you feel about Other players no one even gives a fuck that YOU ARE TRASH (FACTS).This to me is a indication of the generation of Pussies parents are raising. why do I say this. well its simple... NO HONOR.. NO INTEGRITY.. NO RESPECT. ONLY A bunch of ENTITLED Snot Fucks. and while i am no means a Awsome great Player I do Hold My own in any game I play. COD My kill death ratio is 1.59 look at up.

Moral of the Story is... Stop being a Fuck Tard get some manners, respect learn how to play and shoot Then maybe you will have the right to talk Shit... Until then SHUT THE FUCK UP

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