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Battle of the Photography Websites

If you are a Aspiring Photographer, one of the Most Important things you can Have in your Arsenal is a WEBSITE. and it is actually easier then you think to do yourself. You just have to find the "right"provider". and with so Many Options That claim to be "The number 1 Platform for photographers" It really depends on what your needs are. and How much do you want to pay. And I cant stress this enough I believe a Website for a Photographer is Crucial. When I first started out about 20 years ago The number one question I was asked was, and still is. Do you have a website or FB page where I can see your work? and Yes Facebook is fine if You dont plan on selling any prints and or you are Just starting out. But eventually you will want to step up your Game with a Website. am Hoping this can Help a bit on making your decision. To me what is one if not the most Important option you need to have is the ability to sell prints or downloads and its so much easier and pain free when you have this option directly from your galleries. when you do a Search for. "top Photographers/client websites you will get most if not all of the following which are all very popular and have there own Pro's and Con's. and keep in mind that some offer little storage while others Offer Unlimited... Wix : While wix Has Fantastic options such as forums, Blogs Add on aps and much more and even Great price packages, They Lack the option to offer your Visitors the ability to Buy right from your Gallery. if they ever bring this to there platform I will Gladly switch back to them. I do use them for a different type of website I Have but not for My Photography buisness. SqareSpace : while a bit pricey for my Tast I do Love some of the options this Platform offers, but again Lacks the ability To offer your Clients Prints directly from the galleries. They claim to be the Number one Platform for Photography But in my opinion Thats a BIG NO. I cant stress enough How important this Feature is.!!!!!! SmugMug : smugmug is or was actually one of my Favorite Options. but the Admin part of it is a bit confusing, but the Prices are decent and they offer a Package with Unlimited Storage which is also very Important. They do Offer the option to buy directly from you Galleries as well as Digital Downloads in Mant different Sizes and resolutions BUT a Big Cone for me was Having to Beg for a Pay out and not exactly Easy. Most other services allow the use of paypal or Strip which are two of the Biggest Options for Payments but smugmug does it the hard way and Only Allow Payments ONCE a month. which is one of the which is why I stopped using there service. Pixieset : While they do have Good Customer Services, easy access galleries for both you and your client. very straight forward Admin Panel that anyone can Learn. and the ability to sell prints and more from the Galleries. The website and gallery are almost two different website to the point that you need two different domain names. one for the Gallery section and one for the website, which makes No sense what so ever and makes you buy aditional Domain name. I was recently with them but on top of these issues my website was Flagged by google as Spam. when i contcated them their advise was for me to BUY additional Secuirty. needless to say I switched. Arcadina : if you run into this Name for a photography website RUN dont look back just Run UPDATE: since I have another None Photography website with wix. I recieved a Message that they FINALLY have the option to sell Photos directly from your Galleries so I had to do it and switch Back.... Wix has always been one of my Favorite Platforms but was Lacking that Option and now that they Finally did it I dont think Ill be using any other platforms from now on.

Does buying a really good lens make that big a difference in sharpness?

Like anything else in photography (and in life), the really good Gear ( Lens, Camera's) costs more and while they tend to be Pricey the good news is!!! You can Buy a used one for half the price. Yes Buying used is Ok as long as you know what you are Buying. meaning if Possible Buy in person so you can inspect the lens yourself. same with camera's you can find a Refurbished with warranty for half the price as well.

Don't buy Rust for Console Unless

Don't buy Rust for Console Unless you have at least 6 friends to play with or you wont get anywhere As far as I am concerned Rust Can be a Great Game. BUT try to play by yourself and you will hate it. first I would like to say if they would have told me you start with a Rock and no weapons. I would Never had Bought it.Dont get me wrong as I said the game has potential to be a Great game, BUT its to easy for other Players to destroy your Base after you spend Countless Hours trying to make it right for some Dumb ass that thinks its funny to fuck your shit up and destroy what took you 8 hours to make in less then a Minute. I mean WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.. I had high hopes for the Game but since I am pretty much the only one on my friends list that was interested in the game, makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to play because you get Players that have 2, 3 or more Team mates Playing to get anywhere in the game. so in short IF you are playing by your self DONT BOTHER. I give the game 1 Star 10 being highest rating #dontbuyrustforconsole it would be better if you started with some kind of weapon Besides a Freakin rock. the Fact that you have to go find materials to make a weapon, makes it really difficult for new Players to enjoy or get anywhere in the game when others are shooting at you with bows, guns and you have a ROCK. DONT BUY RUST if you dont have anyone to play with you

Founder Logo

so i will have a couple different style Founder Shirts and this is the first one These members will have/ be given a Founder tshirt for U.S residence. Outside U.S will order it directly from the website. I am still working on how to do the outside the U.S orders

Greedy paintball field Owners!

Why am I seeing more and more Paintball field Owners Charge for a photographer to be at Their Field. Full discloser I personally have never been asked by a field to pay to take photo's nor would I ever Pay a Field To take photo's. Are you fucking kidding me???!!! Lets think about this for a minute. photographers paintball or other wise is a Profession like any Other, So why would you expect us to pay you for Our services. and further more If you are a Photographer or even Trying to be DONT Pay some Greedy ass hat to take photo's, Thats not how this work's. now lets think about this for a minute, at any given event a Field owner or event Promoter will charge 55$ to 75$ per person x 200 players= they make any where between 15$ to 30$ per case on paint Sale's. (low ball) 200 players x 15$ = some also sell Food at Over priced $$$$$. sure some will say they have to pay staff reff's and such even with that Being counted in lets just say They are not Hurting. This is THE Most ridiculous thing I have ever Heard in my 52 years on this Planet. IF YOU ARE A PHOTGRAPHER AND ALLOWING SOME ASS HAT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU, STOP CALLING YOURSELF A PHOTOGRAPHER. and maybe Brush up on some copy right laws and photography laws as well. one last thing. now ask yourself this...... If you call a Plumber or any contractor to work on your house do they Pay you? if so Can I have there Number???????

Hidden Pages

Within this website are Hidden pages. Some are open to the public some require Membership to the website. I/We reserve the Right to refuse membership to those who I feel are not right. I am This is a Personal Blog/website and am NOT required to allow Everyone.

I Reserve the Right to:

I would like to make a couple things Clear: If you want my services and you dont Make a appointment thru our website like we ask and is required to secure a Day, but you dont. let me be as clear as I can with this. You can Not come crying to me when someone else takes that spot saying I owe you..or you didnt understand. Because and this is where it gets tricky in case you get confused you had first Chance but you waited or thought I was a good guesser. this is also as important... photography is My Passion My Life line NOT MY JOB I do this Because it is My Passion and I reserve the right to refuse to work with people That think your shit dont stink I will Not work with Pushy people or self Entitled. I Dont OWE anyone on this earth ANYTHING. I am not seating by my phone waiting for you to call or book a appointment- Again This is Not my Job This is My art My Passion I Do this Because it bring me Joy and takes me out of my dark place Not because I have to pay my bills and I refuse to ad Toxic people to my Passion. if I say No and continue to say No I DONT want to work with you. if I worked with you once but then decided I cant and wont I will not change my mind no matter how much Cash, chickens goats you have in hand ready to pay If you need further explanation. Ill feed your Ego I Suffer from bi polar and PTSD, i have Night terrors dont sleep 85% of the time My demons well not even my doctor can understand or explain and to ad to this My give a Fuck is Broke. I am a 50 year old man with mental health issues with a foot on the banana peal and the other in the Grave. THIS IS My Passion keeps me Sane it keeps me out of a Dark place it keeps my demons quiet and Calm If you are TOXIC You Can possibly bring that darkness out and that is the last thing you me or anyone Wants. 20+ years doing this and I Refuse to let anyone Ruin My passion so YES I Reserve the Right to refuse Service to anyone who I believe is a Issue to my Mental Health. Raven's Aerie: Photography By Raven CEO OWNER Creator Raven Revan Rivera

I did it Again

so In light of the new features Wix is Offering they are now In my opinion the best Platform for photography website.... for the last ten years or so, while i have maintained the same domain name.. the website provider/platform has changed about a Dozen times. always looking for the Perfect website Platform I was left hoping around from one website provider to the Next trying to find the Right Website with the Right Perks so i can better Serve My Clients. I originally started of with wix and after about 2 years or so and Them lacking a very important option for us photographers. It was the ability to sell your pics directly from your galleries.. while i know I have not tryed them all... i have tryed the top 10 or so and now I find myself full circle ending uo where I started... I could not be more happy with the updates wix has Done....

Latest Creation for DevilsGift66

My latest Edit for Twitch Streamer DevilsGift66 check him out on Twitch

Membership to website

No fake fake names. If I can't verify who you are. Such as a Facebook profile you will be deleted and blocked from website. I reserve the right to deny membership to my website to who I think is not a good fit. Further more anyone using a fake name such as a user name with only numbers. Members from our Facebook group will be approved.

New Magazine Effect

No More Paintball/New logo

with being Affiliate Ive decided to Create a New Logo for Gaming and make the Website not just for Photography. While My Run as a Paintballer and a Paintball Photographer was sort of Fun and Interesting Ive learned a few important Lessons. some remind me of the stupid Commercial for Insurance Free free free free free free free free What Most Paintballers "EXPECT" from a photographer when Most of the time all we ask was 4$ to 5$ a Pic. but No They want the shit for FREE. this is what they want for free We spend ALL day following these idiots around, taking Pictures, taking the hits, Bleeding from dumb ass shooting you in the FACE and then your told Oh your Fine walk it off get back out there so After 12 hours of taking Pics getting hit bleeding all over the Plave not to mention the Gas to get there Food for the day, and now Comes the editing...... Any Real photographer, Any Good Photographer will take there time editing and If anything like Me at least 12 hours a day for a week editing these Stupid photos and what do we get......... well we get about 25 Messages of so Called "friends" so Called :Team Mates" Hinting around or just straight out asking for that free photo. This is How Most and by most I mean at least 85% of Players are.... FULL of SHIT and CANT be TRUSTED.. everyone Talks a Good Game but some how do not have the ability to Back it up. and Im not talking about Playing or talking about paintball.. Im talking about so Called TEAM Mates that when Given the chance would Rob You blind. The things I saw and witnessed as a photographer kind of surprised and then again it didnt.... I Witness Team mates who called each Other "Brother" or "brothers In Arms" These are actually meaningless. words that have no true value. Words that On paper Look good but in real Life, when it comes down to it Your ALONE. :A generation of Pussies: No one ok maybe not no one I have ran into a few or maybe a couple of down to earth people that to me didnt really fit in with the rest of the Low Lifes. Im not bitter I just call it how i see it. "FACTS" you see in the last 20+ years ive been a photographer, a team leader, a baby sitter,( to those Team members).. ive witness team mates call each other BROTHER while robbing each other Blind. behind each others back. brother-Hood is a Fantasy (at least in paintball) the Phrase brothers in arms In The Paintballl World is a Fuckin Joke. To be continued..............