When your Give a Fuck Breaks

Its not secret that (for those that know me) I suffer from PTSD and am bi-polar and a few other mental Issues I dont Care to remember. and In short, its not easy for me to Trust anyone. so continue when you are constantly being taken advantage of by everyone around you because You so happen to be good at something but are they willing to pay you for your time........ Maybe Im getting ahead of myself. to understand where im coming from you will need to know some specifics. Photography is my Number 1 Passion Paintball used to be my second as a Player and a photographer this one - well this one is about friends and family alike - in 20+ years of photography ive learned Your so called Friends and family alike, are more likely to Support A Big Company like NIKE or Walmart then your small business (i.e in my case Photography) now dont get me wrong as a photographer that I treat more as a Hobby then a Business Has Help me thru some tuff times (myself and Family) I have done countless events, private and Public, Have Had 5 star Rating on google, Have had people request my services from out of state, but when it came to my so Called friends and family. that only looks good on Paper and maybe social media's. when In reality UNLESS you give them Yor service or what ever you are Selling for Free or a 95% discount they stop being Family or Friend. of course only till they need a Favor. Now lets talk about why people SUCK........ no matter what you think. That Team mate, or one of, Maybe A so called friend. let me explain. and no im not bitter, just that as a Photographer for the last 20 years, I seemed to be invisible to people when I was "on the Job" and that betrayal I have Witnessed as a Photographer is Fucking AMAZING. from Paintball Teams That love to Say or use the Word "Brother" alot, but when the So called "brother" wasnt looking they would steal you last doller when the moment presents itself. or brides with "Best friends" hitting on the Groom while the bride was getting Ready. so NO im not Bitter. Time has taught me PEOPLE SUCK and we Mistrust all THE TIME.. we trust those we shouldnt and dont those we should. or how about a Grandfather who Charges his Grand kids to stay with him "Helping them Out" mean while charging more for Rent then they themselves Pay. i mean What the Fuck People. BLOOD may be thicker then Water that has nothing to do with family.. its as Much BULLSHIT as teaching our kids that Santa is Real, The easter bunny is Real.. ok short point we raise them LIEING but when they grow up and tell little white Lies we loose our fucking Minds.... so in short. I Will no Longer be For Hire to everyone I will be one selective mother fucker so if i tell you im busy I cant dont push it and make me tell you the Truth. that your a fuckin idiot and I no longer want to work with you.. THE END

When you Give a F#$k Breaks


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